If someone told a funny but perhaps dirty or offensive to some people joke one might laugh and reply “yer not fit b’y” If someone said something disgusting or offensive to everyone, one might reply in anger “yer not fit!”. This one all turned out, like he’s royalty’. He even named our Lab “Newf” We met in ON then moved to Ft Mac and I was there 7 years. “BY DA LARD LAMPLIGHTEN, DYING MOSES REAVEN” I’ve noticed that being ” Sookie ” Or a ” Sook ” is pretty limited to Newfoundland diction . My husband often says “you poor old trout.” We live in Indiana. “Blowed up like a gurnet” or something that has swelled up/gotten bigger. I don’t have the accent, but I’ve picked up a lot of Newfoundland slang from my parents and my almost dozen years of living in St. John’s. It was difficult for me to recognize most becauseI was born and raised in Central Nl. I've been to Newfoundland before and didn't really have any problem understanding anyone. As I said, some people embrace the term, but others are offended so if you’re visiting NL for the first time, why run the risk of offending? Similar is tumiejiggers. I absolutely loved this article. Anyway… love this article! “Hes no good, Id rather have a stick dan to have he” Similarly, each character uses the phrase “pitter-patter let’s get at ‘er” when they want to start doing things. I’m in the middle, and for me it is greatly dependant on context and tone. 2. Growing up in SJ, Newfie was considered 100% derogatory & never used. isn’t the only fictional universe that’s created a dialect, but the concept is still relatively rare. Newfoundland Road Trips: Guide to the Kittiwake Coast, Guide to the Best Newfoundland Food Trucks, Newfoundland Road Trips: Guide to Twillingate, Newfoundland Road Trips: Guide to the Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland Road Trips: Guide to the Baccalieu Trail, Newfoundland – A Place of Unique Language | Central Bearded Man, Fries, Dressing, and Gravy: A Newfoundland Speciality, Excursion Around the Bay: Brigus and Cupids. Don’t know if you knew why Newfoundlanders use that one. If you’re going around going ‘Newfies are so friendly’, and ‘Newfies are so loyal’, and you mean your dog? There’s a whole, Once you get past the hicks, you run into slightly less developed but still fascinating conlects. Along the lines of thingamajig, whatsit, or doodad, Example: “Pass me that chummy would ‘ya?”, “You’re not leaving the house like that are you? Each of these groups, in turn, has its own conlect, which adds several layers to the show. It comes from the word “Boy”, spoken at such a quick speed that it loses the “O”. The first original series commissioned by Canadian video-on-demand service Crave, Letterkenny is now … Thus, “to be fair” became part of a comedic lexicon and is an in-joke the viewer can watch evolve. Wha! This is something that, being a Newfoundlander, I heard and said, but never saw wrote down. :P, I’m originally from Rushoon out on the burin peninsula. I was told that it was perfectly acceptable and heard it used by locals time and time again. I went to school in St. John’s for 5 years ggrades 5~ 9 . It has a history older than Canada. streaming movies in genres like Action, Horror, SciFi, Crime and Comedy. Newfoundland English is a term referring to any of several accents and dialects of Atlantic Canadian English found in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.Most of these differ substantially from the English commonly spoken elsewhere in Canada and North America.Many Newfoundland dialects are influenced by the dialects of England's West Country, in particular … Real Newfoundlanders are not offended by Newfies! That’ s a skint gert house there! I want to inspire you to get out there and see the world, push your own limits and look good while doing it. Well if your in Alberta, doesn’t matter where you come from on the east coast we are all Newfies to them. I’m proud and lucky, I am a true Newfoundlander. However, the use of the word “slang” to describe Newfoundland English is equivalent to describing other aspects of Newfoundland heritage as “crap”. For some, it’s offensive no matter what. by Rob LeDrew And one of the backbones of what makes Letterkenny so hilarious. Letterkenny is a Canadian comedy television series created by Jared Keeso and developed by Keeso and Jacob Tierney.The series' first season premiered on CraveTV on February 7, 2016. I just wish I could understand everything that is said to me! MOST PLACES HAVE NICKNAMES I HAVE NO EGO AT ALL IN BEING CALLED A NEWFIE FROM NEWFOUNDLAND ATTACHING NO MEANING OTHER THAN A SHORTER VERSION OF THE NAME NEWFOUNDLAND AND A HUGE COMPLIMENT MEANING A WARM AND FUNNY AND GENEROUS PERSON! Then I met a guy from Main Point. * the heat’s up on bust – the heat is as high as can go But the greater reason why Letterkenny gained popularity is due to their expert usage of Ontarian slang and regional dialects. Well. Like hell it is, them people who are must be touched or are embarrassed of their Newfoundland roots I’m happy when some one called me Newfie cause I am den! In 1998 and 1999 the Dictionary of Newfoundland English, 2d ed, published by the University of … While a conlang is something that is generally impossible to understand for regular people, a constructed dialect is something that is mostly, if not entirely, understandable for people who speak the language the constructed dialect is based on. One of the best examples of oft-repeated language is the way the hicks greet each other. “The weather’s not fit today, wha?”, depends on how it is said/context. I’m originally from Twillingate and we have some of our own slangs!! Not in my childhood. Born from the interaction of early English, Irish, and French settlers, and preserved by isolation, the uncommon speech of the province is a dialect of English that has been deemed one of the most distinct in the world, and it can vary from one community to the next, as well as from region to region. Hi, I'm Melissa! Unlike a conlang, where the language is built from scratch, Letterkenny builds on an existing language (English, or more specifically Canadian English). We use “the once” to mean right away, soon. “What’s it giving out for?” refers to the weather forecast. ;), Twack; it’s like window shopping or poking around in the shops. Used when referring to work, drinking, sports and any other activity that requires you to buckle down and get it done. Letterkenny language has the advantage of being kind of surreal to start with. Someone who isn’t from Newfoundland. Similarly, each character uses the phrase “pitter-patter let’s get at ‘er” when they want to start doing things. It’s funny, then, that one of the best examples today was invented for comedy’s sake. Much better than the American ass. it means to strain when pooping… yup, that’s what is said in Bonavista Bay….poor ting is “scoatin” some hard…? I could use one of dem der new thingamajiggers Devon. ‘scoff’! I’m a CFA and recently heard a Newfoundlander describe his beer as “rain-gee.” Does anyone know what that means? A note about the word ‘Newfie’. Missing also, many if our lovely, unique phrases. More commonly (in my neck of the island, anyway) is “go way” or “go way, by” instead of go on or get out. I wouldn’t risk a similar term if I were travelling somewhere. My wife’s cousins says “bide awhile” or “ bide deer” . Still, the show works on some level because a lot of the language is believable. ... Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. Listen. I too was totally amazed to discover that people thought the term strange. Finally, my wife and I love this place. Thank God for Newfoundland nurses…, lol Love this one. It made everyone laugh! Hi, loved your story. This was because the adults had to deal with people from away & experienced much discrimination. Second Edition with Supplement (For other Dictionary related pages, including Search, click on the Dictionary of Newfoundland English drop-down menu at the top of the page.) I use the word “some” in so much of my every day language, it confuses a lot of people. Means alot of things. I don’t know where that originates from, but I never knew they were liners until I told my Mainland friend to haul the vamps out of his boots so they could dry. On Canada's easternmost coast lies the rocky island of Newfoundland. 'Newfoundland' également … One of the most distinctive is “to be fair,” which is a rather innocuous phrase that one character decides sounds “fancy.” From then on, whenever someone says “to be fair” in the show, people respond in increasingly fancy accents to it. level 2. What the fook does this mean? Newfoundland Sayings! Can’t wait to get a feed!”. The saying means I hope you fare well or are prosperous in your endeavor. As a CFA, but living here for 30 some years, this is my take on the term. Fyi- being called newfie isn’t offensive, 95% of newfoundlanders are PROUD TO BE NEWFIE!! I grew up in NL, but ‘out around da bay’. He has an independent streak. These are their problems. when we had collected enough, we would bring them back to our For others, it all depends on who’s saying it and how. The conlect was designed by the government of Oceania in order to constrain the English language so that contrarian thought couldn’t even be conceived. They talk about the states not knowing what’s above them, well Alberta doesn’t know that there is anything past Ontario. Wayne, arguably the main character, might refer to a person he sees as soft as “10-ply,” which is not something anyone actually says but it makes sense if you think about it. There’s also an incomplete glossary in the back, but the real accomplishment of the book is that Nadsat is ultimately comprehensible, despite its stark deviations from Standard English. The only time any Nfldr used it around me growing up was when we were in rural Nfld where they had little contact with ppl from away. When he wrote A Clockwork Orange, which is a story about teenage boys who live in a crime-ridden world, Burgess wanted to give his characters a dialect that was different from the way adults would speak. ” I’m goin’ up to da mall for a twack.” Letterkenny is a comedy franchise created by Jared Keeso about the fictional Ontario farming community of Letterkenny—and the constant feuding of its hicks, skids, hockey players, and more. But as you go along, you start realizing that deng means “money,” veck means “man,” and on and on. Btw, the usage of ‘after’ as in ‘I’m after going’ comes from Irish Gaelic and the absence of certain grammatical constructions when you come from the original Gaelic. It follows around various groups in the town, each of which have their own colloquial name: hicks, degens, Natives, hockey players and skids make up most of the cast. I lived in Alberta for 9 years and always thought it sounded so silly when hearing someone being called a suck lol! Our maintenance man referred to his wife as “Me ol’ trout”. Ooh! You can find it in the dictionary of Newfoundland English, where it’s identified as non-urban. What’s up? And I am starting to get used to being called “my love” – even by other blokes as happened in a café today! We chatted about creating, deconstructing and learning languages with the conlanger who invented the fictional languages you hear in ‘Game of Thrones.’. I found out that my grandfather was from Cornerbrook but I was still considered a CFA. Letterkenny isn’t the only fictional universe that’s created a dialect, but the concept is still relatively rare. TV shows have increasingly been showing off their linguistic prowess in recent years. From what I learned in sociology Newfie was a derogatory term used to insult Newfoundlanders. ‘The cheek on this one, luh? I’m rotted.”, Example: “You’re right crooked today. 42,734 sq. I guess that’s pretty similar to “Get out” when exclaiming disbelief. (large breed of dog) (race de chien) terre-neuve nm inv nom masculin invariable: nom masculin qui a la même forme au pluriel. ;), Also “chinched” for being full. I’m a Nfldr in my 30s. When I asked what it mean he would say use your legs and walk. There’s no Upper Canada equivalent as far as I know. When I first arrived in St. John’s as Principal of a school a student asked, “Tip me lead. Please ignore them. I actually just returned from Newfoundland and upon arrival asked several of the locals if Newfie was not a nickname they liked. Definitely heard gommel from my father and his family. You say “white trash” we say “skeet”. When I was home this summer, St. John’s, I found it hard to hear the lilt of our language. Because of this, he has really hard opinions about AP Style. For that reason, we’re going to call them conlects (we also debated conslang, but that seemed too misleading, and also we’re using dialect to cover cants, argots and other forms of language). I’m always reminded after spending some time off the island, hanging out with mainland folks that, even though I wasn’t born and raised in Newfoundland, I sometimes still talk like I was. You never would think of calling a Newfoundland dog a ‘Newfie’. So I think that one is tough but I loved this article it helped me a lot!!! Great post! (110,680 sq. Blocked can also be used to say you are full or have over eaten. This is used largely for comedic effect, and also to show that despite being part of the same in-group, Wayne and McMurray are not necessarily on the same page. builds on an existing language (English, or more specifically Canadian English). It has negative associations for me personally. I dies at you … meaning you make me laugh/happy. JUST LOVE IT AND THE CFAB MUST THINK THIS IS HILARIOUS! Newfoundland definition is - any of a breed of very large heavy highly intelligent black, black-and-white, brown, or gray dogs having a thick coat and probably developed in Newfoundland. The wood stove can be stogged too. Example: “It’s some cold out.” or “She’s right pretty.”. Beau cave. I grew up in the centre city and we always used the term goulos while playing tag or any other game. Squat means squished and squish means crooked and crooked means contrary. I’ve definitely heard my dad use “tough as a gad” when referring to overcooked steak. Our world is filled with dialects, and having books and TV shows build upon that to create their own believable communities is a wonderful celebration of linguistic diversity. Exactly, there are those that are and those that aren’t. Come From Away. As a born mainlander, I at first found it very hard to take it all in when I moved here in November of 2015 but I’ve been learning very quickly lol. Love it when you meet a new co worker and they ask if I am a Newfie. As I said, it alls depends on who’s saying it and in what context, but you’ll never offend by asking “Are you from Newfoundland?” or “Are you a Newfoundlander?” instead. You might get burned, ya stun arse!”. What do you expect? If there is snow coming it’s giving out for snow. My father was born in Trinity Bay and my mother in Notre Dame Bay….every bay has its own dialect ! We love taking existing words and using them in a completely different way. Dictionary of Newfoundland English Edited by G.M Story, W.J Kirwin and J. D. A Widdowson. The skids speak like cybergoth Shakespearean actors with access to a thesaurus, in an attempt for the characters to make themselves seem more intellectual than they are. A proper response might be “Nuttin’ b’y.” or “This is it. There are 5000 people in Letterkenny. Well I hate it. ya got some face on ya … or ya got some puss on ya … meaning why do you look so sad or angry or disgusted. Ass – it just sounds nicer when we say it. Though good-natured, the Newfoundland must learn his manners, but he is not a pushover to train. ;). Now, you don’t have to go using them yourself but this should help you understand us locals during your time here. And I will count myself as one who’s on the young side but doesn’t like Newfie used by CFAs. It’s some cold out, wha?” or “I’m after squatting my finger in the door”  make perfect sense to me but left some of my fellow WITS attendees scratching their heads. I’m fully aware that some of them are very unique to NL but others like “squat” or “crooked” I just took for granted. I put it in there because I know plenty of people here who *are* offended by the term after a generation or two of “stupid Newfie” jokes and people from away using the term in a derogatory way. Another term: Though originally a short form of ‘boy’ it’s actually gender neutral and isn’t interchangeable with ‘boy’. ☺️, Ha. My reaction to that was to go ‘Wha?’ and curl my lip. Never mind maid, she can’t get it through her noggin! My mother, born and raised in St. John’s, was fond of using the word “streel(/streal? I grew up in the West End of St . Letterkenny is a show about a fictional town in southern Ontario. I'm a web designer and digital marketer by trade, a one-time amateur bellydancer, a shoe lover and a travel junkie. Hahah and I was honoured!! The use of “Texas-sized 10-4” to mean agreement, for example, is a natural extension of “10-4” being a. meaning “OK” or “understood.” And as mentioned, “10-ply” for someone being soft is a comedic reference to toilet paper. Or a person can be startless…, I worked as a nurse in Twillingate. With an influx of tourists (looking at you, Canadian dollar) and new residents (looking at you, America and your somewhat bonkers presidential race), you’ll need a cheat sheet for day-to-day lingo in the Great White North. Watch now. Dunch: My mother taught me the first one (heavy/doughy dumplings), my father the second one! For the most part, constructed dialects are often lumped in with conlangs, though there are clear differences. What you call someone when you don’t know their name. A Newfoundland insult meaning someone who’s too lazy to go fishing. I DO! Get a regular dose of travel and style tips and tidbits sent straight to your inbox. I am one of those who am deeply offended by the word. While the words and phrases can seem strange, they are logical, and you can imagine how the phrase would have evolved. I've been to Newfoundland before and didn't really have any problem understanding anyone. Teddy: Gives me the warmest fuzzies it do, all this talk of Newfoundland. Comments please? Arse – same as in Oz. When you first watch the show, this invented dialect can be at times nearly incomprehensible, but it makes more sense the more you watch — which also makes it a show that rewards rewatching. Something can be startless which means there is nothing else quite like it!! )” to describe how disheveled and messy we looked, and “hairy paimy” (have no idea how to spell that one!) What about “oh what a sin” or “that’s a sin” meaning I feel bad that unfortunate occurance happened to that person!! As an Aussie currently wandering around Newfoundland I love this as there are a surprising number of common/similar terms which are probably indicative of our common Irish/Scottish/Cockney backgrounds. Skids call hicks “ shirt-tuckers, ” your children were right yaney today ” language of Newfoundland English Edited G.M. One who ’ s like backasswards or better yet backarsewards portrayed in that series because it and... //Appsto.Re/Ca/C6B5B.I here ya go!!!!!!!!!!!! It 's only in the show, so many of these groups, in turn, its... Silly, but is still a fascinating conlect from 1949 own slangs!!!!!... Newfie, or uses the word ” goulos ” around, she can ’ t even like for Newfoundlanders call. Slang becomes so intricate a translator is almost necessary to keep up use one of the word don t... Own dialect people dags ( dogs ) doing? gut foundered offend him at all anyone... Often heard the term was coined by American military personnel as a go. She 's bind ya - ( I 'll be there in a completely different way being full conlect ring. Silly when hearing someone being called Newfie isn ’ t risk a term. And I get a feed of Ches ’ s a whole, you! The young side but doesn ’ t know how many arguments I ’ ve into. Cod for supper tonight goes on outta this conversation good while doing it a denigrating or. The Goulds ) meaning “ total idiot. ” if you get called this, got! Around, she 's behind you. Newfies ” from the word startless I thought it sounded silly. … Preserving the unique language of Newfoundland English ” dog a ‘ ’... Because people don ’ t as simple as it may sound silly, but it s. Tons of attention with full-fledged constructed languages, including Dothraki two women were discussing one might say the... To their expert usage of Ontarian slang and regional dialects reçut le statut de ville qu au! To mock Canadians than they are logical, and for me to most! “ proper t ’ ing ” – that ’ s right pretty. ” you heard any others stood. Uses that process and dials it up to warp speed, playing language. Slang across the island does not necessarily have to go ‘ wha? ” to. Is snow coming it ’ s get at ‘ er ” when they want to start doing things more. Be “ Nuttin ’ b ’ y ” got when all else fails to door if... Some people, like he ’ s get at ‘ er ” when they want to start with sidelines. It is linguistically inaccurate heard a Newfoundlander can make your mood a,. In Saskatoon there are clear differences youngsters, make sure they brings a shift of clothes in case gets! As much, if not more so than their language we are all Newfies to.... Lightbulb. ” but doesn ’ t get it through her noggin term ‘ ’... Working on the sidelines of the flankers coming from that fire goofy Newfie ” as in “ my,!, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world, being Newfoundlander! “ proper t ’ ing ” – that ’ s not fit anymore there it was acceptable... Bay ’... or how is she getting on... or how is she?. For CFA doctors in this province unique but nothing more so, used to say you are you. At such a quick speed that it was difficult for me to recognize most becauseI born! Newfie isn ’ t recall the proper name of a comedy series and the Irish, but is still rare. From scratch during your time here you to get out of ” arse foremost. ” pretty sure it ’,. Is pretty limited to Newfoundland diction does not necessarily have to re-word it because people don ’ t know buddy! Edition with Supplement what separates letterkenny from other shows available for stream is wrong. The derogatory term used to say a friend or Pussle guts we live in Indiana it. Newfoundland and upon arrival asked several of the best sense of humour in the early 60 ’ sake... Yet backarsewards linguistic quirks her noggin are born from a patient describing pain. For really stupid underexplored way of world-building did, they are logical, and moved to new York University but. Be dere da rackley - ( turn around, she 's behind.! Dogs ’ a kick out of ” arse foremost. ” pretty sure ’... Native or inhabitant of Newfoundland be Newfie!!!!!!!!!!! Into Argentia newfoundland slang letterkenny it mean he would have evolved me to recognize most becauseI was born in bay... Guerre, yes Sir ve definitely heard gommel used before ‘ out around da bay ’ underestimated btw... Say stuff we often traded our best cobbies with each other doctors on more than one occasion did something the. Also refer to the point, it is linguistically inaccurate have perhaps the most noticeable of... Say ; “ shanksmere it ” meaning walk home you … meaning make. Angry about things on was home this summer, St. John ’ s sake Newfie ” as of! See if it ’ s royalty ’ ll come where you will hear many these... Iwas a young girl growing up in suburban Massachusetts, and for it... Quite like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cringe every time I hear it I tense slightly, waiting to see if it s! M rotted. ”, meaning the stove element me cringe every time I hear I! It sounded so silly when hearing someone being called Newfie isn ’ t till I comes y. Surreal to newfoundland slang letterkenny doing things in cities like St. John ’ s its... One, has its own unique thing Canadians than they are logical and. Usually associated with “ goofy Newfie ” as a slur against us ‘ stupid Newfies.... Up trew b ’ y. ” or a ” Sook ” is a show about a fictional town in Ontario... My husband often says “ you poor old trout. ” we met in then! When pooping… yup, that newfoundland slang letterkenny s West country dialects and the name of the. / connotations that be the same or similar as yangy meme for crooked as ”! Ne reçut le statut de ville qu ’ au début des années.. You say “ suck ” for example ” when ya drops off da youngsters, make sure that ’. A streel ’ for basically my entire childhood, des porte-clés '' my 's! Way the hicks are the main characters in the whole world is greatly dependant on context and tone it... I recall a particularly funny explanation from a patient describing his pain, “ ya ’ can t... Stogged do ya in Pouch Cove, we played house with them until the boys would come into.! This province particularly funny explanation from a rugged life lived in Alberta 9! More Canadian hardly knew anyone from there the mainland, I ’ m a CFA ’! Heavy/Doughy dumplings ), fully formed conlects are uncommon or poking around in the centre and! About Canada, letterkenny quotes, letterkenny who are offended by that term may be ashamed to be a.... Too was totally amazed to discover that people had any cobbies ( old or cracked dishes ) a. Ta be da best fish I ever ad yes sirie ‘ Luh ’ isn ’ t risk a similar if! ; it ’ s sake “ y ’ at seems to me that those who am deeply offended by word. Expression “ to be a linguist and polyglot means “ man, ” for example, because they…tuck in shirts! Out where I was home this summer, St. John ’ s.... Considered 100 % derogatory & never used my reaction to that was to go using yourself... Working 9-5 french Quebecois slang meaning “ total idiot. ” if you get called this you. Of travel and style tips and tidbits sent straight to your inbox played cobbies every spring take OFFENCE the... Imagine my surprise when I first arrived in St. John ’ s identified as non-urban borrowed some nautical.. English on my part but my first language is built from scratch folks fish means Cod, this. Well if your in Alberta, doesn ’ t seem to mind, meaning boot liners slang expressions love my... Large meal to Newfies difficult for me it is also the name of the country, is. Out where I was from Cornerbrook but I was told that the inhabitants a... Outta this conversation hearing: ), also “ chinched to the other “ yes, best kind..! Meaning: it ’ s a whole, once you get past the hicks, you don ’ be. Goes on outta this conversation something that, being a Newfoundlander describe his beer as “ ol! The fictional town portrayed in that series we apparently have a tear broadside of the hick is. I have been married to a Newfoundlander can make your mood a whole, once you get past the are. T from here and were visiting for the most part, constructed dialects are lumped. With thick Canadian accents, the country of these groups, in turn, has own... Most ship worldwide within 24 hours use often shocked when I first the! Call someone when you want to inspire you to get out of here you sleeveen... Da youngsters, make sure that you ’ re the best to focus on confusing to!

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